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To the Members At Large;


On behalf of the newly elected officers of MBBOA we would like to say thank you! 


It was truly an honor to receive your votes and support; trusting us with such important positions.  We look forward to working with all members and promise to maintain an open door policy concerning any issues you may have. 


Our goal for this organization is to become a force to be reckoned with, one that garners respect and acknowledgement from the industry and beyond.  To achieve that, we will have to grow as a whole.  With your support the goal is right at our doorstep. 


Thanks again for your trust and faith in allowing us to represent MBBOA.




Charles Nolen

President-Elect, M.B.B.O.A.

501c-3 Non-Profit Organization


Message from the President

Charles Nolen

Cutters Bar & Grill





See the Gallery for pictures from this event.  Thanks to our NCLBA and our member, Beans & Cornbread for hosting.

News Thats Affects You

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Social & Community News

MBBOA Scholarship Information

Thanks to all our participants, supporters, volunteers and sponsors that made our Annual Scholoarship Black Tie Event a complete success. 

Kendal Bria Owens, Jacob McCree, Keyon Branch (Lynn Hathorn Grandmother standing in), Donovan Verges, Kasey Brown, Shonda Caper-Chairperson MBBOA Scholarship Committee.


CLICK IMAGE for Criteria

Industry Resources

State of Michigan

Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs

City of Detroit

Michigan Liquor Laws & Rules (click here)

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